The Game Between the Sexes
is The Most Important Game of All

Our Comeback aims to make it competitive again.

The Game Plan

  • Our goal is to make The Game Between the Sexes more fair and competitive — for the good of the sport and for our own pride and dignity. We aren’t trying to win this game because it will never end; there will never be a final score.

  • We will get off the defensive. We will relentlessly emphasize offense.

  • We will run our plays. We will assert our own agenda and score our own points about the problems and issues we want to be dealt with in the Game Between the Sexes.

  • We will directly confront and push against the Female Shadow. We will hammer the bad things women sometimes do and the power they not only sometimes misuse but also stubbornly, cynically and disingenuously deny even having.

  • We will be especially “offensive” to people who aren’t accustomed to being on defense — and we will not apologize for telling what we think, feel and believe to be true and real about our lives.

  • We will recognize screams of “Misogyny!” as the Female Shadow’s angry refusal to look honestly and deeply at its own selfishness, dishonesty and dysfunctions, its near-total inability to say “You’re right about that. We’re sorry.”

  • We will invent new words and new ways of expressing and demonstrating things that have been rendered nameless by the people who have heretofore dominated the discourse. We will “eff” the ineffable.

  • We will recruit creative, energetic Communication Athletes to join this team and score these points.

  • We will have fun in the process.


This website is your playing field, your stadium, your arena, your stage. Put your name in the Record Book and highlight reels.

It’s all free to you. No charge whatsoever.

We just want you to play hard.


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