2020: The Year of Seeing Clearly
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Enter the “Men for... Who?”

Songwriting Challenge

$1000 Grand Prize

No Fee to Enter

Politicians pay attention to Women’s Issues and the “Women’s Vote.”

But Men’s issues? The “Men’s Vote”? Not so much.
Actually, pretty much not at all.

That’s a problem. For men, for boys, for the nation.


With a good song you can put it on the agenda.

​Round 1 ends just before the Party Conventions — $500 Prize

Entry Deadline: August 10, 11:59 pm ET

Winner announced August 17.

​Round 2 ends a month before the election

$1000 Grand Prize

Entry Deadline: September 20, 11:59 pm ET

Winner announced October 1.

Enter Round 1 and You Could Win Both Prizes

  • Your song should not support or oppose any particular candidate or party. It should call attention to the fact that few candidates pay much, if any, attention to the needs of men and boys.

  • The Challenge is open to men and women who are U.S. Citizens or permanent legal residents of the United States and US territories.

  • Your submission can be funny or serious.

  • It must be an original composition.

  • It must include a video track for play on TV and video-based internet platforms. The video track can be as simple as a one-camera continuous shot of the song being performed by its musician(s).

  • If your song wins Round 1 or Round 2 you grant Our Comeback and its successor non-profit organization a perpetual, world-wide, non-exclusive license to use it for advancing awareness and understanding of male gender issues, which may include using it in media products to be sold for non-profit fundraising. You warrant that you own the right and authority to grant such a license.

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