Good Will Toward Men (PDF)

Good Will Toward Men is a book of interviews with twenty-two thoughtful, accomplished, male-friendly women.


This list includes the main but not the only topic each woman discussed.


  • Cathy Young, writer • the perils of the victim mentality
  • Judith Sherven, Ph.D., therapist • women’s unrealistic expectations of men
  • Helen Fisher, Ph.D., anthropologist • the roots of patriarchy
  • Doris Caldwell, R.N., drug-abuse counselor • African-American fathers
  • Laurie Ingraham, MSW, therapist • women’s prejudices toward men
  • Karen DeCrow, attorney, president of NOW, 1974-1977 • trying to end the battle between the sexes
  • Barbara Dority, anticensorship feminist • “pornography”
  • Char Tosi, founder of Woman Within • embracing the feminine shadow
  • Jane Chastain, America’s first female sportscaster • working with men
  • Gayle Kimball, Ph.D., women’s studies professor • social support for fathers
  • Claudia Valeri, writer, editor, broadcaster • compassion and gratitude for fathers
  • Ruth Shalit, writer • a rape protest run amok
  • Suzanne Steinmetz, Ph.D., sociologist • domestic violence against men
  • Audrey B. Chapman, therapist and trainer • African-American male-female relationships
  • Jane Young, writer, professor of English • the “disposable” father
  • Rikki Klieman, attorney, law professor • false accusations of rape
  • Carolyn Baker, Ph.D., consultant in human development • female longing for healthy masculinity
  • Carol Iannone, Ph.D., professor • the politics of feminist scholarship
  • ArLynn Leiber Presser, attorney, writer • American attitudes toward divorced fathers
  • Ellen Dublin Levy, advocate for children • barriers fathers face
  • Sandra Rippey, U.S. Navy Reserve officer • sexual harassment in the Navy
  • Elizabeth Herron, educator in women’s empowerment and gender reconciliation • partnership with men

Good Will Toward Men (PDF)

  • Good Will Toward Men is a collection of interviews with twenty-two male-friendly women, originally published in 1994 by St. Martin’s Press.


    Maybe what’s most amazing about Good Will Toward Men today is how little has changed since it was first published. Here is the text from the book jacket of the original hardcover edition:


    Over the past thirty years, at women’s urging, many men have made behavioral and attitudinal changes to improve women’s lives. This book examines a basic question that should have been asked long ago: Are there any changes that women—in enlightened self-interest—could make to enhance the lives of men?


    In Good Will Toward Men, Jack Kammer interviews twenty-two progressive women, including a former president of NOW, to show how that question opens a win-win opportunity for both sexes.


    These are candid exchanges that inject new hope into efforts to ease old problems:

    • How does it hurt male-female relationships to say and believe that “men have all the power”?
    • Is asking a woman to acknowledge her part in a problem the same thing as “blaming the victim”?
    • Why are some women afraid that men really might “express their feelings”?
    • Do women harbor attitudes of superiority over men?
    • What part does “the dark feminine” play in the problem we call “patriarchy”?
    • How are prejudices against men connected to violence and unpaid child support?
    • How deep is women’s distrust of men, and what can be done to overcome it?
    • What is the most comprehensive approach to ending sexual harassment?


    After reading this book you’ll see the age-old War Between the Sexes in a new and hopeful way—a way that makes it possible to end the blaming, to build intimacy, honesty, fairness and mutual respect between women and men, and to create a healthier society for us all.