Heroes of the Blue Sky Rebellion (PDF)

“You go girl!” That’s pretty much what girls and young women have been hearing for fifty years. One big pep rally. And it’s been working. Girls are more confident, engaged and accomplished than ever.


But what’s been our message to boys? “Boy, don’t go there” — a depressing message of timidity, self-doubt and restriction. And we’ve seen that message being effective, too… in too many negative and unproductive ways.


The reasons are multiple, deep and complicated, but there’s no denying that adult men have not championed young men the way that adult women have encouraged and run interference for young women.


Heroes of the Blue Sky Rebellion aims to fill that void in the lives of boys and young men who very understandably wonder, “What about me? What about us?”

Heroes of the Blue Sky Rebellion (PDF)

  • “This book should be required reading for every educator in America, male and female, from the earliest levels.”

    — Joe Butler, Assistant Director for Sports, New Mexico Activities Association

    Heroes of the Blue Sky Rebellion offers practical and easy to understand steps for boys who must wrestle with issues created by sexism on the playground, at school, at work, and in their relationships with girls and adult women and men.”

    — Alison Carr-Chellman, PhD, Dean & Professor, University of Idaho College of Education, Health and Human Sciences; Director, Bring Back the Boys


    “An excellent and timely book for young males facing a world increasingly stacked against them and blind to their learning styles and emotional needs. Especially valuable are the practical suggestions as to what any boy or young man can do to challenge and reverse unfairness.”

    — Judith Kleinfeld, EdD, Professor of Psychology, University of Alaska; Director, Boys Project


    “While it is easy reading, the book is richly footnoted and referenced. It is definitely an important contribution to the literature addressing the needs of a group whose concerns are often overlooked by the greater society. It will help boys and young men grow up to be the men our society very much needs.”

    — Mark Sherman, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at SUNY, New Paltz; Blogger at Psychology Today; Father of three sons and grandfather of five grandsons

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