If Men Have All the Power How Come Women Make the Rules (PDF)

Pithy, acerbic, slightly devilish. And full of valid points.


After Good Will Toward Men, my “nice” book, got suffocated behind the Lace Curtain, I was first despondent and then resolute. “No more Mr. Nice Guy” was my motto for the several months I worked on this book. Writing it was quite cathartic.


It has become my most popular and enduring work. It resonates with lots of men, and some honest women too.


The title pretty much says it. The book is about giving us good ways to punch holes in what is perhaps the most monumental falsehood in human history: the idea that “men have all the power” and women are abjectly powerless and oppressed.


But the book is really just another approach to the main theme of my work: men deserve the same options for happiness and fulfillment that women do, that making more money than women is not the same as living happier lives than women.


It’s a quick, jaunty read. A little bit of a naughty rant. You’ll probably like it.

If Men Have All the Power How Come Women Make the Rules (PDF)

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