Men's Issues Standup Comedy: Stepping Out from Behind the Lace Curtain

Men's Issues Standup Comedy might be the very best way to get out from behind the Lace Curtain. Comedy clubs, especially those with Open Mic Nights, are typically not owned by big corporations who feel required to be politically correct.

Standup can also be a great way to get people to acknowledge the truth. And that's not just the audience. It's also a great way to get Our-Comeback players out there standing up in public and expressing their ideas about what's really going on with men.

Here is Coach Kammer giving it a shot in 1996.

Maybe one day we'll even have a Men's Issues Comedy Festival. If we do, the only rule will be that men will not be the butt of the joke or the pathetic, hapless, clueless, beaten and bedraggled fools. We have far too much of that in every other form of entertainment.

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