Men's Movement Song: I’m a Man

Here's a real "ear worm" men's movement song. The lyrics are simple and effective. The refrain is "I'm a Man" -- and proud of it. It's not really a Fight Song, but rather more of a Standup Song, designed to get us to lift up our heads and stop feeling beaten, depressed and ashamed of being men.

"I'm a Man" is our counterpoint to Hellen Reddy's classic "I Am Woman."

This is from Isaac Kairey, the songwriter and performer:

“I wrote this song as an anthem in celebration of men and the sacrifices they eagerly make in performing their indispensable roles in societies, now, and throughout history.”

Editor’s Note:

Isaac Kairey is a clinical psychologist living in New York City whose interests include family, psychology, music, the retail industry, and real estate.

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