Men's Movement Song: I Am Still a Little Boy; That's How We Feel Sometimes

What's great about this song is that it's honest about how we feel sometimes. Sometimes we think "I am still a little boy."

Another thing that's great about "I Am Still a Little Boy" is that it demonstrates how to speak frankly, without fear or shame, to women about things they might not want to hear.

From Mark Sherman, the songwriter and performer:

“I sat down at the piano and wrote this song in 1994, when it was becoming clearer and clearer to me that what I had always seen as one of women’s greatest strengths – their ability to treat the men they loved with care and compassion – was now in growing conflict with their successes in college, professional schools, and the work world. The song just came to me, as an allegory, where a husband’s pleas to his wife were meant to represent men’s continuing wish for the comforting embraces and words of their wives – even as the women’s movement strongly and successfully propelled them toward accomplishments outside the home.”

Editor’s Note:

Mark Sherman received his PhD in Psychology at Harvard, and went on to a 25-year plus career as a college professor in the field. His main interest is in gender issues from a thoughtful and caring male perspective, and he has published extensively, including numerous blog posts on – including many on the subject of boys and men. In addition to his songwriting, he is also a humorist who has written more than 700 humor columns for his local paper.

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