Our Comeback Quick Intro (YT new visitor trailer)

It's a situation that's all too familiar.

You’re out with friends, or maybe you're at school or work, and one of the women makes a remark about how hard women have it, how easy men have it, how oppressed women are, how oppressive men are, how wonderful women are, how toxic men are.

All the women nod and agree. And to make matters worse, the men say nothing. And to make matters even worse than that, some of the men nod and agree and pathetically try to distinguish their own wonderful selves from all other men.

And you want to speak up. But you don’t. You can’t. You don’t know how.

If you know that feeling, you need this channel.

The Game Between the Sexes is the most important game of all. And right now we men are getting our clocks cleaned. Women have the Big Mo, they’re on a roll. They just keep racking up the points. And we’re barely in the game. We’re sitting on the bench, heads down, making excuses. Or we’re frustrated on the field, getting penalties and making things even worse.

When you’re way behind in a game, the only way to get back into it is to mount an offense.

That is what Our-Comeback is about. We’re going on offense. We’re going to score our points about what we see going on between the sexes.

And who am I? I’m Jack Kammer and I’d like to be your coach. I’ve been in this game since 1983 and I can help you become a player. If you come to practice and put in the time, in a few months you’ll be able to speak up. And your friends will say “Hmmm, I never thought of it like that. Good point.”

Touchdown. Goal. Swish. Grand Slam... Points for our side.

Come on in and look around. This is just the beginning.

See you on the field. We’re going to have some fun.

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