V-Day Satire: If I Only Had a V

This men's movement song is a satire of V-Day, the day that used to be called Valentine's Day.

The day of sweethearts exchanging sweetnesses changed when the woman behind “The Vagina Monologues” decided February 14 should no longer be about hearts and romance but about:
• Violence, but only Men's Violence Against Women, of course.
• Victory (women’s over male oppression) and
• Vaginas (women’s only, don'tcha know).

The song was an entry in a song parody contest Coach Kammer ran in 2003. The hook was that since Valentine's day was now V-Day, no longer about hearts, the Tin Men would sing a song that was not longer about wishing for a heart, but rather wishing for a V.

The writer and performer is Weldon Cabaniss.

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