Why Is It Always About Women

Name a problem, any problem.

If it affects women more than men, that's all you'll hear. "Women, women, women." It’s always about the women.

If it affects men more than women, you won't hear "men, men, men." What you'll hear is "people," "persons," or "individuals."

Or, especially if the impact is almost entirely on men, you might not hear of that problem at all.

This video is a brief takedown of that sexist phenomenon. We can use it to make the point that our culture still prioritizes the needs of women -- as if their child-bearing function is still crucial to the survival of a primitive band of hominids wandering through wild grasslands.

We can use it also as motivation to stand up for fair and balanced resources to be devoted to men's needs -- and to our importance in building an advanced and caring civilization for everyone.

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