Why Is There No Real Men’s Movement? And What Can We Do About It?

When you look closely at men's lives, it's puzzling. Why is there no real men's movement? At least no men's movement of any great heft, clout, size or influence...

When you consider the indicators of sadness and stress men face -- suicide, incarceration, estrangement from their children, drug and alcohol addiction, shorter life spans -- it's amazing that men don't speak up.

One of the reasons is that men want to provide. We want to give; we don't want to take.

But how can we convince ourselves that we can't give a lot if we don't get -- and take and demand and insist upon, if necessary -- at least a little for ourselves? We need to make sure we get at least a little of the respect, appreciation, admiration, social support and social justice that any human being, male or female, wants and needs.

This video uses a familiar scenario that we all know and understand and draws a parallel to the larger situation we face in our lives every day.

Taking action for ourselves is good for everybody we care about!

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