Why Don't Men Talk? Why Don't Women Listen? How Can We Make it Happy and Fun to Bridge the Gap

This video shows you how to run a program to improve communication between men and women and have fun in the process. Why don't men talk? Because women don't listen. Why don't women listen? Because they're afraid that just listening signifies that they agree with what the man is saying.

It doesn't have to be that way. You can make it safe for men to talk. You can make it comfortable for women to listen. You can help bridge the gap between the sexes and improve communication between them.

You can run the program for your whole community as a way to help address social problems connected with relationship breakdown.

Or you can run the program just for your friends as a party game guaranteed to be even more fun and important than Charades or Cards Against Humanity.

After you watch the video you'll find everything you need available for free download under the Men Are Talking heading at go.our-comeback.com/equipment-room.

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