Boy Crisis: Equal Opportunity and Fairness for Boys and Young Men As a Solution

No one knew it at the time, but achieving equal opportunity and fairness for boys and young men turned out to be a significant solution to the Boy Crisis.

This is an animated fable about the action boys and young men took to achieve that fairness and equal opportunity. They called their action the Blue Sky Rebellion.

When adults granted girls and young women equal access to the traditional territory of boys and young men, they did nothing to ensure corresponding adjustments for the benefit of boys and young men.

When the adults proved completely oblivious to the lack of balance and fairness they had created, the boys and young men took matters into their own hands. They mounted their own revolt to achieve for themselves the traditional benefits of the female domain, just as girls and young women assumed for themselves the traditional benefits of male territory.

The boys and young men called their revolution the Blue Sky Rebellion.

To a significant degree, the Boy Crisis subsided shortly thereafter.

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