Calling Out and Naming the Female Power Structure

Female power? What female power? What female power structure? There can be no female power structure because there is no female power!

Men have all the power!

Au contraire!

This video is all about calling out and naming the female power structure.

Women say the male power structure is a pyramid, a hierarchy.

What does female power look like?

The name for male power is The Patriarchy. Woment talk about it a lot.

To facilitate men's examination of female power, we need to give it a name. As American philosopher Susanne K. Langer wrote, “The notion of giving something a name is the vastest generative idea that ever was conceived.” — Philosophy in a New Key: A Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art. (1942) Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press. p. 142.

What name will we give to the female power structure? And once we know it's "a thing," what we will see and say about it?


Photo Credit: Woman pointing finger - created by freepik -

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