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Women's Power, Empathy Gap, Violence by Proxy, Stereotypes/Bias

Angry White Women, Angry White Men

Angry white men are the face of White Supremacy, but angry white women participate in important ways that are less dramatic and visible outside of their social networks. Rather than "power" or "authority," the best word for identifying what they wield may be "influence." Understanding Angry White Women's influence over men may be a key to alleviating racial strife and alt-right extremism. Women's influence over men is discussed as an integral part of the Matrexx.


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Stereotypes/Bias, StrategyOffensePts., Toxic Femininity, Women's Power

What Do Trumpism and Feminism Have in Common?

Trumpism and feminism operate from the same playbook. Designate a scapegoat to rally your supporters, always attack, never apologize, disrupt events you don't like and act like you know everything. With side-by-side examples, this video shows how Trumpism and Feminism have much more in common than they will want to admit.
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Professor Kathryn Clancy presentation URL:
To view Professor Clancy’s entire presentation (running time 13:16),
along with others from the NASEM symposium, see


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Life Options, Expressiveness, Women's Power

The Big Q: Committed Relationships With Women?

There should have been, but there never was, a negotiation between men and women about how the latest stage in achieving gender equality should be arranged. The benefits flowed entirely in women's direction and more and more men are refusing to participate. What will it take to persuade women to sit with us at the bargaining table? This video suggests that an alliance between two unlikely groups of men might help move women in the right direction.


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StrategyOffensePts., Making It Fun, Expressiveness

What's Our Emoji in Our Demonstrations for Men and Boys?

Public demonstrations for men and boys are difficult to organize and execute. Men are often sonstrained from participating and people who don't know much about us take it upon themselves to try to disrupt and destroy our advocacy.

But just as women needed to find their own style of conducting business and pursuing careers, men need a new style of advocating for ourselves and boys.

This video suggests one idea that might take advantage of our strengths and depend less on the ways in which we are weak or otherwise disadvantaged.

The download is at


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Black Men

African-American Men: At the Corner of Black and Male - #1

If African-American men suffer only the disadvantages of Racism mitigated by the supposedly automatic and universal advantages of being male, while African-American women are subjected to two major synergistic adversities of Racism and Sexism, why are Black men doing so much worse than Black women on major indicators such as incarceration and suicide? Could there be a negative gender dynamic operating against Black males -- and other males as well? If so, what does it look like, how does it work, what do we call it, how do we call it to account?

In this video Coach Kammer gives the "lay of the land" for the Community of 4 Crosses -- Male, Female, Black, White -- and offers his credentials for providing insights on what's happening at the troubled corner of Black & Male.


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118 Points You Can Easily Score in the Game Between the Sexes

Here's how to get and handle 118 Points You Can Easily Score in the Game Between the Sexes. ("He shoots. He Scores!")

Access the 118 points on the Our-Comeback YouTube channel's companion website at

Be sure to include this hashtag in your posts and other shares: #ourcmbk.


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Women's Power

Chalk Talk #2: The Matrexx Through Time and Space: Observing the Female Power Structure

To achieve equality and fairness between the sexes, we need to unpack, analyze, understand and vigorously challenge The Matrexx to hold it accountable. Women want to deny their female power so they can wield it as they wish with impunity and without concern for fairness, respect, empathy and decency to men. The Matrexx is women's power structure and it figures into every aspect of The Game Between the Sexes.

We introduced the Matrexx in Chalk Talk #1,


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Boys and Young Men

Boys' Morale: Two Views and a Little Something You Can Easily Do About It

Boys' Morale might be a key to understanding the Boy Crisis. This video takes a look at two possible harms to Boys' Morale.

If you like what you see, stick around for the end screens because they offer a free and easy, simple way you might be able to help the morale of the boys in your life if you think their morale needs a little boost.

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You can get four stickers at no charge by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to Our-Comeback, PO Box 434, Highland MD 20777.

See also


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Our Comeback Quick Intro (YT new visitor trailer)

It's a situation that's all too familiar.

You’re out with friends, or maybe you're at school or work, and one of the women makes a remark about how hard women have it, how easy men have it, how oppressed women are, how oppressive men are, how wonderful women are, how toxic men are.

All the women nod and agree. And to make matters worse, the men say nothing. And to make matters even worse than that, some of the men nod and agree and pathetically try to distinguish their own wonderful selves from all other men.

And you want to speak up. But you don’t. You can’t. You don’t know how.

If you know that feeling, you need this channel.

The Game Between the Sexes is the most important game of all. And right now we men are getting our clocks cleaned. Women have the Big Mo, they’re on a roll. They just keep racking up the points. And we’re barely in the game. We’re sitting on the bench, heads down, making excuses. Or we’re frustrated on the field, getting penalties and making things even worse.

When you’re way behind in a game, the only way to get back into it is to mount an offense.

That is what Our-Comeback is about. We’re going on offense. We’re going to score our points about what we see going on between the sexes.

And who am I? I’m Jack Kammer and I’d like to be your coach. I’ve been in this game since 1983 and I can help you become a player. If you come to practice and put in the time, in a few months you’ll be able to speak up. And your friends will say “Hmmm, I never thought of it like that. Good point.”

Touchdown. Goal. Swish. Grand Slam... Points for our side.

Come on in and look around. This is just the beginning.

See you on the field. We’re going to have some fun.


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Women's Power

Calling Out and Naming the Female Power Structure

Female power? What female power? What female power structure? There can be no female power structure because there is no female power!

Men have all the power!

Au contraire!

This video is all about calling out and naming the female power structure.

Women say the male power structure is a pyramid, a hierarchy.

What does female power look like?

The name for male power is The Patriarchy. Woment talk about it a lot.

To facilitate men's examination of female power, we need to give it a name. As American philosopher Susanne K. Langer wrote, “The notion of giving something a name is the vastest generative idea that ever was conceived.” — Philosophy in a New Key: A Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art. (1942) Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press. p. 142.

What name will we give to the female power structure? And once we know it's "a thing," what we will see and say about it?


Photo Credit: Woman pointing finger - created by freepik -


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Making It Fun, Expressiveness

Men's Issues Standup Comedy: Stepping Out from Behind the Lace Curtain

Men's Issues Standup Comedy might be the very best way to get out from behind the Lace Curtain. Comedy clubs, especially those with Open Mic Nights, are typically not owned by big corporations who feel required to be politically correct.

Standup can also be a great way to get people to acknowledge the truth. And that's not just the audience. It's also a great way to get Our-Comeback players out there standing up in public and expressing their ideas about what's really going on with men.

Here is Coach Kammer giving it a shot in 1996.

Maybe one day we'll even have a Men's Issues Comedy Festival. If we do, the only rule will be that men will not be the butt of the joke or the pathetic, hapless, clueless, beaten and bedraggled fools. We have far too much of that in every other form of entertainment.


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Boys and Young Men

Boy Crisis: Equal Opportunity and Fairness for Boys and Young Men As a Solution

No one knew it at the time, but achieving equal opportunity and fairness for boys and young men turned out to be a significant solution to the Boy Crisis.

This is an animated fable about the action boys and young men took to achieve that fairness and equal opportunity. They called their action the Blue Sky Rebellion.

When adults granted girls and young women equal access to the traditional territory of boys and young men, they did nothing to ensure corresponding adjustments for the benefit of boys and young men.

When the adults proved completely oblivious to the lack of balance and fairness they had created, the boys and young men took matters into their own hands. They mounted their own revolt to achieve for themselves the traditional benefits of the female domain, just as girls and young women assumed for themselves the traditional benefits of male territory.

The boys and young men called their revolution the Blue Sky Rebellion.

To a significant degree, the Boy Crisis subsided shortly thereafter.


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